South Texas Research Submittal Form

South Texas Resarch: A collection of UTB/TSC Faculty and Staff highlights the substantial achievements of university employees and publicizes UTB/TSCs excellence to the world. The university greatly appreciates your contributions to this collection.

Please submit this form for each work you would like considered for inclusion, and be sure to attach an image file (JPG) of the work’s cover in your e-mail. Please note the collection is confined to longer works — e.g., books, films, journals, software applications — and does not include shorter works, such as journal articles.

See the entries in South Texas Research as a reference for the information requested below.

If you have any questions, please call Senior Editor Alan Oak at (956)882-4325 or e-mail

Contact information for editorial use only; it will not be printed in the collection.

Include edition number and English translation of name if applicable: example: In Body and Mind / En Cuerpo y Mente


Put all UTB/TSC employees in brackets. Differentiate creators from editors. example: [Valerie Gamez], James E. Titus and James E. Titus II, authors


example: Chapter 9: The Matriarch’s Husband: Latina Writers and Male Authority


example: Manuel F. Medrano


example: This histocultural poetry book is about Rio Grande Valley history along the border.


example: New York City: Longman Publishers, 1990 (Soft cover, $12). Available at BookBee.


example: Medrano is a professor in the History Department at UTB/TSC.